This site ( when you can get to it ) was started in June not February (Februari) - when you get to it -- ( Morph | Contribs | Talk ) 31 aug 2008 16:39 (UTC)

I found the Dutch equivalent - I went to the English Wikipedia found the month and then clicked on the link to the Nederland Wikipedia for the translation -- ( Morph | Contribs | Talk ) 31 aug 2008 16:56 (UTC)
I am copying over Main templates that you will need - you may need to change some of the wording over to the Dutch language as needed though -- ( Morph | Contribs | Talk ) 31 aug 2008 16:40 (UTC)

Thank you Edit

I was meaning to ask you about the template. This is a great help thanks.

MiSS TiquE 31 aug 2008 17:06 (UTC)

Connecting Language bar to other langues and proper pages Edit

To make other languages show up in the language bar add the following language tags to the page - (Note: These links are for the MAIN page of each language):

[[en:]] = English
[[nl:]] = Nederland (Dutch)
[[fi:]] = Finland (Finnish)
[[fr:]] = France (French)
[[hu:]] = Hungary
[[pl:]] = Poland (Polish)
[[sr:]] = Serbia (Serbian)
[[sv:]] = Sweden (Swedish)

The same links with a page name will take you to that specific page in that language (If the page exists):

[[en:List_of_buildings]] = English List of buildings
[[en:Category:Buildings]] = English Category:Buildings
[[nl:Lijst_van_gebouwen]] = Dutch List of buildings</nowikik><br/> <nowiki>[[fi:Rakennukset]] = Finnish Buildings
[[fr:B%C3%A2timents]] = French Buildings
[[hu:Kateg%C3%B3ria:%C3%89p%C3%BCletek]] = Hungary Category:Buildings
[[pl:Kategoria:Budynki]] = Polish Category:Buildings
[[sr:List_of_buildings]] = Serberian List of buildings
[[sv:Kategori:Byggnader]] = Swedish Category:Buildings
[[sv:Byggnader]] = Swedish Buildings
( Morph | Contribs | Talk ) 1 sep 2008 17:01 (UTC)

Posible Templates you may want for this siteEdit

You might want to copy / translate the following templates over for use on this site from the English Language Ikariam wiki - Feel free to use any Template, Image, or information from our site - just be sure to get permision from images that were special made by people for their private use or for strict use on the English site - otherwise copy / modify away

{{HeadingA}} {{HeadingB}} {{HeadingC}} {{Col-begin}} {{Col-2}} {{Col-3}} {{Col-4}} {{Col-5}} {{Col-6}} {{Col-end}} {{Col-Tocright}} {{Welcome}} {{WelcomeIP}} {{Alt-Lang}}
These are the basics - I was starting to copy them over but Translation isues would create a great deal more work for you all expecialy some of the categories - so I stoped - so you can translate and copy them just one time - instead of having to move / translate and change any existing links to them etc -- ( Morph | Contribs | Talk ) 4 sep 2008 20:37 (UTC)

I'm planning to give the dutch ikariamwiki a clean-up.
I was wondering if you could make me Bureaucrat on this wiki, so I can easily import the templates I want from the English wiki and translate them to Dutch.
Alboltdrogo mei 12, 2011 12:58 (UTC)

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